The Scaldis
A sailing adventure with friends, colleagues or family

Welcome on board Dutch sailing vessel the “Scaldis”

You want to be active with your colleagues or friends? Spend a day on board a genuine authentic Dutch sailing vessel, enjoying a stiff breeze or calm wind and at the same time taking in the beautiful Dutch countryside with its quaint villages and expansive horizon with its ever changing colors?

Enjoy a sailing adventure on the Scaldis!

After being welcomed on board the Scaldis you will tour the ship and be given information about the vessel, the sailing agenda and we will explain what you can expect on this trip.

In your own language!

Ready for the challenge?

Skipper Jaap Klok will take you for an unforgettable adventure, both exiting and relaxing. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair. Enjoy the gentle moving of the vessel on lakes and rivers with ever-changing views.

You don’t have any sailing experience? Don’t worry. This experienced skipper and his first mate both enjoy teaching your group the art of sailing. You will be manning the ropes, hoisting the sails and perhaps even steering the ship. The constant changes of the waters’ current and moving sandbanks offer many challenges. The Oosterschelde is teeming with wildlife, who knows when you will see seals or porpoises swimming along the ship or sunbathing along the shores.

Zierikzee, homeport of the “Scaldis”

This picturesque old town was established during the Dutch Golden Age and its original harbor is a prominent destination for vacationers with their yachts from different countries. Zierikzee has a working windmill by the ports’ entrance. From there you can see Zierikzee’s fishing fleet unloading the sea’s bounty. This beautiful old town with its many monumental buildings is part of National Park Oosterschelde.

Active sailing or just relax?

This vessel is also exiting and safe for small children. They can help with sailing the vessel. Guests who just want to relax can do so comfortably on deck or below deck in the cozy guest quarters. The vessel is equipped with a comfortable main cabin with kitchen and washrooms and the “Scaldis” is accessible for people with disabilities.

This will be a truly unforgettable experience for everyone!

“Zeeuws” breakfast, a meal with mussels or a traditional “Skippers bitter”...

If you choose a daytrip, you can enjoy typical Dutch fare and treats. A varied selection of sandwiches, fish soup, fresh mussels or other typical Dutch snacks are available. An ocean of possibilities, which you can wash down with a good glass of Dutch spirit. Cheers! Or as we say in Dutch: Proost!

Are you interested in a sailing adventure?

To request information in your own language or book your trip, call 00-31-(0)6-12629109 / 00-31-( 0)111 - 421013 or contact us.

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... Buiten het feit dat Jaap een geweldige schipper is weet hij ook altijd de juiste snaar te raken bij opgroeiende jeugd. ...

Ed Stierman, Sportdocent CSG Willem van Oranje - Oud-Beijerland

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